This person Tried To Enjoy Like ladies are Clingy And Got Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone knows that women can be clingier than males, right? JK. That is simply a stereotype. Until we some difficult research about this, I’m gonna call-it a draw. Genuine facts are, discover male clingers and female clingers. Quite often, dudes you will need to play like they never get emotions, but then they go and perform some ridiculous junk like hijack an airplane in order to get in contact with their ex. When women tend to be clingy at the very least it’s just, like, anticipating one to answer their particular texting. 

Well, talking about hijacking, one guy’s snarky fb position got hijacked TOUGH recently. This guy Ben made an effort to play like he had been cool as ice rather than a stage-five clinger. Let us read the carnage:

The Picture

And that’s whenever Jessica fell the bomb:

And Daphné signed up with in:

And Anika delivered the death blow:

The Lesson

The funny thing about giving folks communications is those communications tend to be actual an easy task to screenshot. In case you are gonna be clingy when messaging ladies, knock yourself away. Maybe whoever you’re wanting to content is in it — the web dating globe is full of great individuals. (Although… you should not say “hey” 60 times to people. Which is merely scary.)

However, if you will trash-talk a whole gender when your very own record is actually below spotless… appears to be you much better be equipped for some FB message skeletons to come from wardrobe. R.I.P. Ben’s reputation.